Thursday, January 14, 2010

Relavance of Technical Training Programme in Colleges of Education for Effective Technical Education BY Ma'aji Caleb Zonkwa

 For it is being observed the Technical Training overseas have done a good job for training conformist, in a narrow sense. While Nigerians required Technical Teachers with wider knowledge and training to man our classrooms and schools in Technical Vocational Education.......
Therefore taking this training to colleges of education as explained in the texts; what comes immediately to mind is that, how can government attract those graduate with a sound training in there profession?
(1). they have earned a living on it and
(2). Understand the intrinsic of their profession not the surface aspect of it.
(3) Are these students to be, teach the lecturers of colleges of education on and about their trades? Or
(4) are they to offer solution to our country Technical problems in the University as enshrine in the National
       Policy of Education?
In exchange they are taught sound methodology of presenting their knowledge in the classroom/ workshops in our school systems (to teach, guide and counsel).

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  1. We live in a society that is continually evolving and yet, somehow, it has become generally accepted that schooling should not change. Many still hold an expectation that what “used to work” remains appropriate.The world is different. Does one refuse to wear new cloths when the old ones' outgrown its time? It doesn’t mean the old cloths are bad, they just don’t serve their purpose any longer in the new generation subjected with environtmental changes and new technology. Critical Theory and Critical teaching are based on the premise of continual change. Perhaps Critical teaching and cretivity will help us to prepare the Nigerian young citizens of tomorrow for the inevitable changes they must meet.